Payment is due, in full, at time of service

Deer Storage for up to one Week
Skin, Quarter, Wrap, and Freeze
Whitetail Processing
Exotic or Mule Deer
Elk or Stag

All prices below are per pound plus the
cost of pork and/or beef added to final product

Dry Sausage /per lb with a $6.50 minimum
German, Italian, Pan/Breakfast, Bratwurst /per lb
Salami or Summer Sausage/per lb
Salami or Summer Sausage with Cheese /per lb
Buckstick /per lb
Jerky/per lb (raw weight)
Custom Grinding /per lb
Freeze /per lb
Tenderize Hams
EACH $7.00
Tenderize Backstraps
EACH $5.00
Smoke Hams
EACH $12.00
Cape Head for Mounting
European Mount

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